I was reading through a few Hacker News threads related to communication and brain hacks. A lot of the mentioned tricks are very interesting. I am working on getting better at some of them and wanted to just put a small list of the most important one / achievables ones in this post.

If I’m getting upset, is it because I might be wrong?.

Another way to say this appears to be : If all you see are problems, you’re not seeing clearly.

You will get upset or annoyed at work, with your teammates, some decisions being made you disagree with, the taste of the coffee, who knows. In those cases, I need to ask myself I am actually wrong to feel that way. I am a complainer by nature, and I need to get better at asking myself if I shoud legitimately be upset, or if I am just being a cry-baby that is being proven wrong. Taking a step back in those cases matters a lot.

Don’t say ‘I know or I think’ but ‘It appears / It looks like’.

It makes easier to reframe your mind, change your opinion about thing if you don’t attach yourself to an idea.

Say no more often than not. Becoming a yes-man at work is going to make you burn out.

I may be wrong. I am often wrong. Be super comfortable with being wrong.

Reframe your negative sentences/thoughts to be come positive/facts

Remember that the world is bigger than this piece of code, this job or conversation At the end, it doesn’t really matter, does it?